Community Network

We believe your career, personal interests, and family well-being are all important and you should not sacrifice any of these when you have access to the right tools. We’ve created a community that lifts the barriers and encourages the integration of your most valued life accomplishments so that you can continue to grow in a variety of ways.

The age of employers seeking people with skills rather then Ivy League education is now which is why our strategy is important. RoomForLife: Community members have access to web only training’s, project opportunities, and other valuable content.  By partnering with requiters and businesses to gather the list of most desirable skills we know which resources, tutorials, and mentors that will be able to build that skill you want and get it on your resume. The best part of this method of skill building is that you can do it around your life. RoomForLife focuses on YOU, the people of our community because we know that your life will be better when you design it to be that way.  RoomForLife is intended for you to connect, learn, innovate together. Get the skills you want and the lifestyle you deserve.

The future of RoomForLife: Over the next year we’ll be working on on-site incentives. A Web + On-Site approach are those that are local in Utah that will use our collaborative spaces a with in-house drop-in childcare.