What you missed at today’s RoomForLife Event

If you didn’t join us for the RoomForLife New Member’s event, here is what you missed.

An Introduction of who we are, what we do, why being a member is a smart decision, and the future of RoomForLife

Who we are: We are a member focused, member driven community who are inspired to utilize the resources and technology around us to grow personally and professionally while maintaining the quality of life and dedication to our families.

RoomForLife shares the dreams and aspiration of our members. The following is a short list of what we do with our members: Find remote employment, learn new skills, teach skills, network, build resumes buy training on the most desirable skills in the current market place, match members with other members to create new ideas, products, and services for the community, and provide a positive co-working space with drop-in childcare.

Becoming a member is smart. Membership provides easy access to social events, a co-working space with drop-in childcare, access to posted employment opportunities, ability work on personal projects with access to the membership pool for talent, and allows employers to authorize their employees’ time and space to use.

The future is exciting. We’re limited on space and we’re looking for affordable and conveniently located options for our co-working, drop-in care, and social networking space. Our member platform continues to grow and will start implementing technologies that allow members to directly connect with each other and automate match-making for team projects, classes, and events.

If you’d like to learn more about what RoomForLife can do for you or your company, please visit RFLintegrated.com or email info@rflintegrated.com for more info.